Have you tasted nasi goreng (fried rice) from Indonesia? Actually, there are hundreds (or maybe thousands) of delicious foods come from Indonesia. Besides nasi goreng, you will find out that every city in Indonesia has its own unique and delicious food. Most people in Indonesia love fried rice and so do foreign people. Fried rice is served for either breakfast or dinner. Some people can also have it for lunch or even supper. Therefore, there are some special things about fried rice from Indonesia.

If you want to make nasi goreng from Indonesia, you can simply buy the instant spices or instant seasoning for it. When you are visiting Indonesian supermarkets, you will discover instant seasoning with various flavors such spicy fried rice, chicken fried rice, shrimp fried rice, and many others. Cooking fried rice will only take no more than twenty minutes when you use instant seasoning. In addition, foreign tourists will not feel satisfied when they come to Indonesia without tasting the special fried rice from Indonesia. You can pair up fried rice with sausage, omelet, chicken meat, mustard greens, cucumber, tomatoes, and else. Furthermore, the basic recipe for fried rice is rice, cloves of garlic, a pinch of salt, and sauce. Then, you can freely modify the recipe based on your personal taste.

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