Cinco de Mayo Recipe Round Up

It’s almost out of hand how many Mexican-inspired recipes have graced the pages of Floptimism. I couldn’t, then, let Cinco de Mayo pass by without paying homage to all of the wonderful dishes that incorporate the flavors and spices of a typical Mexican dish. Unfortunately, today got the better of me, and between unexpected errands and appointments that dragged out longer than I expected, I wasn’t able to post this sooner. Now that it’s nearly dinner time, I’m sure everyone who’s celebrating has their meals all planned out, so consider this more of a commemorative post than an incredibly useful one. Next year I think I’ll compile this list earlier on so that people have more of a chance to use the recipes if they’re still in search of something good to try. And to anyone out there who didn’t think to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a fun menu, why miss out? Celebrate Seis de Mayo, or Siete de Mayo, or even Doce de Mayo (that’d be next Saturday – yes, I had to look that up; no, I cannot count much past the number 3 in Spanish, I confess). You don’t need a holiday to justify enjoying the flavors that Mexican cuisine has to offer – at least not in my book!

One Year Ago: A Cinco de Mayo Trifecta: Chicken Chile Verde Tortilla Stack, Easy Black Bean Dip, & Black Bean Tortizzas

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