Rad Roasted Radishes

My heart is divided into several compartments. There is one very large compartment for my family, and a special little budding-out of that compartment specifically for my puppy. I don’t mean to diss my family, it’s just, well…they aren’t nearly as adorable as this big guy is:

 Then, of course, there’s L’s compartment. That one’s a biggie.

 The last major compartment is food. Maybe about 40% of that compartment is devoted to peanut butter, and another 30% is devoted to chocolate, and I’d say a good 15% is reserved for the overlap of the two. Eggs factor into the compartment somewhere, too – maybe 10%. And yogurt, of course. We can’t forget yogurt – that has to have at least 20% of my food love compartment. What? That’s over 100% already? Didn’t you know that basic mathematical rules do not apply to hearts? Good, I’m glad we’ve got that covered. Because there’s more. You see, in the far reaches of my heart, in the dusty little corner that has managed to resist being overtaken by peanut butter and chocolate (and eggs and yogurt, though not all in one meal, unless we’re talking about a cake maybe), is another section. I think a little part of my heart may be falling for something new. I’ll give you a hint: they’re totally rad!

…Radishes, that is!

I’m sorry, I had to. L’s affinity for puns is rubbing off on me. Six years of listening to puns will do that to a person.  But anyway, about radishes. Have you ever had them? I overlooked them for the longest time. They struck me as the kind of vegetable that would be bitter (up until about a year ago this was the kind of thing that actually bothered me, because my taste buds were still normal). And I didn’t know how to eat them. They were just a little too weird for me, and it took until I started to like slightly weird food to want to actually give them a shot.

Imagine my surprise when I did and discovered that they’re downright delightful! They aren’t bitter or weird; in fact, they’re kind of fantastic. I like biting into them raw with a little dab of whipped feta on them. I like them chopped up and mixed into a yogurty dip and spread on those nifty rice puffs from Wegmans. And I really, really like them drizzled with olive oil and roasted to within a near inch of their life.

One of these days, I need to write a catch-all “Guidelines for How to Roast Any Vegetable” post. But for now, since I didn’t change a darn thing about the original recipe (I even sprinkled salt on them! Can you imagine?), I’ll simply say that you should click on over to Beloved Greenfor the details. Just know that it’s easy, stupid easy in fact, and tastes like Springtime curled up for a nap in your oven for 20 minutes and took on a carmelized crust while it was in there. You know, if seasons could do that sort of thing.

Happy Almost Earth Day!

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