Pesto Chicken Rolls over Chopped Spinach Salad

A few months ago, I posted about a Chicken Florentine recipe that I had made. It was merely so-so, enjoyable but not out of this world. Recently I tried my hand at a similar chicken roulade recipe, this one incorporating pesto, and I have to conclude that, once again, the recipe was…good. Not great. In fact, a hybrid of these two similar dishes would likely produce a really rave-worthy meal, which I’ll get to in a minute. As it is, this recipe for Chicken Pesto Rolls has understated parmesan and pesto flavors (whereas the Chicken Florentine was a little too intense with its filling), and I learned that cutting it and maintaining a pretty presentation is difficult. Next time, I might add a little more pesto and use real parmesan cheese (how many times do I need to say that before I really do it? Oh well, my Kraft container is getting empty, so maybe soon…) to try to give it a more intense flavor without being as overpowering as the Florentine recipe was. 

I made the chicken rolls earlier in the day so that the prep time didn’t feel as laborious as last time, and that worked well. I paired it with a simple spinach and tomato salad, which is how the original recipe suggested serving it, and I liked the combination. These Pesto Chicken Rolls (and the salad!) are definitely worth a debut in your kitchen, with just a few small adjustments

The only changes I made were to eliminate the olives (can’t stand ‘em!) and replace balsamic with red wine vinegar in the salad, and used a full breast of chicken for myself rather than for 2 people (my diet that day was a little devoid of protein). So, I’ll simply direct you over to Aggie’s Kitchen for the original recipe. Enjoy!

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